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Til Death Neon Sign
Til Death Neon Sign
Til Death Neon Sign
Til Death Neon Sign
Til Death Neon Sign
Til Death Neon Sign
Til Death Neon Sign
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Til Death Neon Sign

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    Looking to add something unique to your wedding décor? Choose a stunning custom Til Death neon sign that adds a touch of fun and personality to your special day.

    While traditional wedding décor can be stunning, adding customized neon signage to your event will elevate its look and create an eye-catching centrepiece that your guests will love. Read More

    Handcrafted from start to finish and utilizing myLED™ Neon technology, our Til Death LED signs shine brighter and create more of an impact in every aspect. Our lights are vivid and last longer – making them perfect for amplifying your event space, whether it be a hall or inside the home.

    Pick from one of our 15 colors and let us handle the rest.

    Customisable Til Death Neon Signs

    With various colors and sizes to choose from, we can customize a Til Death neon sign to suit your purpose and creative vision.

    Alternatively, you can customize one of our pre-made designs to better suit your style. Tell us how you want the sign changed, and we'll collaborate with you on creating the ideal Til Death neon sign for your space.

    Why Choose MyNeon?

    Brighter in all the right ways

    Our eco-friendly myLED technology is designed to emit brighter lumens with fuller color. We also use more of our LEDs within the tubing to avoid any of the patchy lighting other companies get.

    Constructed using high-quality materials

    As we use only the highest quality materials, our signs are designed to last 10+ years, requiring virtually no care and none of the required maintenance and refilling gas neon has.

    Transparent blackboard & wire

    The acrylic backboard and wire coming out of your sign are hyper-transparent and barely noticeable as a result. This gives your sign the cleanest look when mounted.

    Multiple Party Modes

    Your sign can be dimmed and put into multiple 'party' modes from the comfort of your bed or chair, using our free remote control included with each order.

    Easy to Set Up

    We make setting your sign up a breeze with our free mounting kits and exclusive video tutorials to help guide you through the process.


     Your Neon Sign
     A/C Power Supply
     Neon Sign Remote Control
     Mounting Kit & Video Tutorial Access
     Free Tracked Global Shipping from the United States
     Bulletproof 1-Year Warranty

    Are you searching for a customizable Til Death neon sign? Order your favorite version from MyNeon today. Our signs are perfect for wedding celebrations. Contact us today for more information on Til Death LED signs.

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