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Get creative with custom neon signs designed specifically for your space. If you have a favourite inspirational quote, motto, business mission statement, or even just want to put a name on a wall, MyNeon Store has got you covered. We make high quality custom signs that add that something extra special to any space. Stand out at your next event, impress your boss, or make the perfect gift for a loved one’s birthday with a neon sign!

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All our signs come with a full 12-month warranty. We’ll fix or reship you a new sign free of charge if anything goes wrong.

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Are custom neon signs expensive?

Because custom made signs are unique and made just for you, they tend to be more expensive than pre-made signage.

At MyNeon, you pay for high-quality LED neon custom signs that illuminate any interior to create a beautiful and unique space.

We aim to keep our prices low without sacrificing quality.

Therefore, you'll be exercising creative control over your signage options while we guarantee fast service and a reliable process for less.

With our streamlined production process, you'll be paying for the highest quality possible.

Are LED neon signs good?

There are many benefits associated with custom LED neon signs. Not only do you get complete creative control over the design when you have your light up sign custom-made, but LED custom neon signs also:

  • Last longer
  • Consume less energy (with 6-8 times lower than glass signage)
  • Generate less waste heat than glass
  • Are eye-catching with exceptional color
  • Have low maintenance requirements

How long does an LED neon sign last?

If you get a custom design, neon LED signs generally last for around 10 years if they are kept in good condition. With such a long life span, you won't have to worry about replacing them as often as other alternatives.

In addition, all neon signs custom-made at MyNeon include a remote control that allows you to dim the lights in your sign when needed.

This helps you attain greater control over your LED neon sign, to enhance its lifespan – meaning you won't be running into any operational issues any time soon.

Can the Neon Signs Custom-made at MyNeon stay on 24/7

While you can keep your LED neon custom sign on 24/7 if required, the best way to ensure it remains in pristine condition is by turning it off for an entire 24 hours every two weeks.

This will increase the longevity of your sign and ensure it runs for the expected 45,000 hours.

However, if your sign is not on constantly, you won't need to include this practice in your sign maintenance procedure. Instead, just keep your sign clean to ensure it remains in optimal condition.

Do custom light up neon signs get hot?

An LED neon sign is unique in that they do not require a high voltage to operate, which in turn means that they do not produce a lot of heat.

This is because the eon gas inside the sign is excited by the electrical current, causing it to emit light.

This process does not generate a lot of heat, making neon light an extremely efficient and safe option for indoor lighting.

Do customized neon signs cost a lot in electricity?

Neon signs, and neon light in general, are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they are also highly efficient in terms of their electricity usage.

Because they use less electricity, they cost less to operate and thus save money for business owners.

In addition, their efficiency makes them environmentally friendly as well since they produce fewer emissions than other types of signage.

All of these factors make neon signs a great option for any business owner who wants to save money and be greener.

How do I design a custom neon sign?

To design your own custom neon sign, start by filling out our online form. The form will prompt you with the information that we need from you to get started with creating your custom neon sign. This is the step where you input the text you want and choose your font and colors!

Once you have filled out the form and you are happy with the design of your neon sign, you will need to add it to your cart and pay for it.

Once the payment has been made, we will begin the production of your sign!

After production, we will pack your neon sign in a special box with a couple of extra bits and bobs just for you and send it off to you. We express ship all orders so that they arrive at your door in under 5 days.

Once you have received your neon sign, you will need to set it up the way you want it. If you need help, click the link in the email to access all of our detailed tutorials on how to set your sign up.

And that’s it! When you have it set up, be sure to add a picture of it to your Instagram and tag us to feature on our stories!

Browse our neon sign shop online to find premade sign ideas to fill any unique space! Get neon lights custom-made for your space at NyNeon.

How do I design a custom neon sign?

LED neon signs are made up of lots of eco-friendly LED lights. This means that they are a lot more energy efficient than traditional glass neon signs.

This is due to the fact that neon light is highly efficient, using very little electricity to produce a large amount of light. In addition, LED neon lights and signs last for many years, so you won't have to keep replacing them.

So, custom indoor neon signs are not only aesthetically pleasing, but due to their low energy consumption, they are also eco-friendly.

This also decreases the cost of running your custom LED sign and LED lights in general.

Are neon signs easy to install?

Yes, it is easy to install your custom neon sign in your home! When your LED sign arrives, all you will need to do is follow along with our tutorials, and we will guide you through the process.

The Process of Installing a Neon Custom Neon Lights

  • Carefully remove your neon sign from the courier box we sent it in.
  • You will then need to hold your LED sign up against the wall to decide on its positioning. Once you have found the perfect spot, mark up (with pencil) the points on the wall that you will be drilling into to hang your neon sign.
  • Next, you just need to drill the holes, place your rawl plugs into the pre-drilled holes and then screw the screws into them! Simple as that!

What colours are available for my neon sign?

Custom designs are great because you have a lot of flexibility with the design of the sign, and this includes the colour (or colours) you would like to use.

We have a range of colours available for you to choose from. Just choose the colours you would like when you fill out our online form for your custom sign.

Colourful custom neon LED signs are the perfect way to add a bit of oomph to your space!

What backings can I choose from for my customized neon sign?

We have a few options of backings for your LED sign, custom-made at MyNeon Store. All of our backings are made from acrylic, however, there are multiple designs. Our backings can be clear, or you can choose from any of the available colors to suit your sign!

You can choose from having a backboard that is cut to the shape of your sign and is therefore not as noticeable. Or you could choose to have your sign sitting on a plain rectangle acrylic backing.

A fun option for the backing on your sign is to have it boxed in. This is where there are six sides of backing, and your sign sits in the middle so that it looks like it has been boxed in.

Finally, you could choose a free-standing custom neon sign. These are a perfect option for table settings or if you want to use custom neon light signs for that luminous glow at an event or for multiple events.

Get LED neon signs custom-made with the perfect backing to match you space or event!

How can I pay for my new neon sign?

Once you are happy with your custom design and you have added it to your cart, we have a few options for how to pay for it! You can pay with Visa or Mastercard, Amex, Afterpay and all other major payment providers! We can even offer you the option of 10 weeks interest-free with our partners Genoapay!

Am I able to return my customized neon light sign?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds on custom neon signs as each is only relevant to the customer who ordered it.

However, we do offer a 12-month warranty, so if there are any faults with any of our customized neon lights we will be able to help you out!

We do, however, offer refunds on neon light purchases, as long as they are returned within 15 days and are in the same condition as when they were sent.

Sourcing custom LED neon signs from the USA?

Look no further than the team of professionals at MyNeon. We'll create the perfect neon sign for your space and get it shipped directly to you! For more information, contact us today.

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