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The World Is Yours Neon Sign
The World Is Yours Neon Sign
The World Is Yours Neon Sign
The World Is Yours Neon Sign
The World Is Yours Neon Sign
The World Is Yours Neon Sign
The World Is Yours Neon Sign
The World Is Yours Neon Sign
The World Is Yours Neon Sign
The World Is Yours Neon Sign
The World Is Yours Neon Sign
The World Is Yours Neon Sign
The World Is Yours Neon Sign
The World Is Yours Neon Sign
The World Is Yours Neon Sign
The World Is Yours Neon Sign
The World Is Yours Neon Sign
The World Is Yours Neon Sign
The World Is Yours Neon Sign
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The World Is Yours Neon Sign

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    Ready to give your space a glow up?

    Our "The World Is Yours" LED-neon sign isn't just an ordinary light display. The bold, eye-catching font serves as a source of positivity, motivating anyone who lays eyes on it to seize the day and make their dreams a reality. The vibrant colours radiate outwards signalling that you have control over your destiny and, if you want something badly enough, you can find a way to get it. Hang one of these signs in your home or workspace as a daily reminder that anything worth having is worth working for!

    Create Custom LED Neon Signs

    Are you looking for something a little more unique? At MyNeon, we can bring your vision to life. We specialise in custom LED neon signage – meaning we can take a past design, such as The World Is Yours neon, and refresh its look to include modern elements you'll love.

    Choose from a variety of colours, sizes, and backboard styles to radiate the positive vibes you're after. With a ‘The World Is Yours’ neon sign hanging in your space, we guarantee that it'll spark feelings of joy and passion every time you take a glance.

    Why choose MyNeon?

    An illuminating LED neon sign sparks a feeling of excitement and visual stimulation that cannot be matched by other regular signage. At MyNeon, we put meticulous care into customising and designing the perfect sign for your room.

    Brighter colours

    Show off your The World Is Yours sign with eco-friendly myLED technology. This ensures brighter and fuller colour for longer as the tubing uses more LEDs and avoids any patching lighting that some other alternatives usually have.

    Constructed using quality materials

    All our LED neon signs are designed for long-lasting performance of up to 10+ years. Hence, they require little to no maintenance. So you can rest easy knowing your The World Is Yours sign will last!

    Transparent backboard and wire

    Our signs are made with hyper-transparent acrylic and come with a power cable. This ensures the cleanest look for your sign when mounted.

    Various party modes

    To enhance the longevity of your neon sign, it can be dimmed and placed into various party modes, with the free remote control included with each order.

    Easy setup

    We'll make setting up your sign a breeze with our free mounting kits and video tutorials. They will guide you through the entire process.

    What's included?

    • Your ‘the world is yours’ sign
    • A/C power supply
    • Remote control
    • Mounting kit & video tutorial access
    • Free tracked global shipping
    • Bulletproof 1-year warranty

    Can’t get enough of neon? Explore our range now!

    Our neon sign store specialises in custom LED-neon signs, perfect to level up any space at a great price. Customer faves include our Fly Me To The Moon neon sign, Death Note L logo, Akatsuki cloud logo, neon restaurant signs, and our Naruto logo sign. Shop our full range of neon light sign accessories today!

    We’re all about the details – got a question left unanswered? Want to know more about international orders? Contact us today!

    Looking for a size guide?

    Check out our size guide here! For any further queries or customizations, please visit our FAQ page or contact our customer support at:


    Can you leave neon signs on all the time?

    Yes! All neon signs are designed to be safely powered up and left on 24/7. Just keep in mind that prolonged use may decrease their brightness over time and will require occasional servicing. If you’re looking to increase the longevity of your sign, good practice is to turn your sign off for an entire 24 hours every two weeks, although if your sign isn’t on constantly this could be disregarded. So show off a little with this retro display while avoiding hassle and worry: plug it in and enjoy your The World Is Yours neon sign to its full effect!

    What happens if my neon sign gets wet?

    Unlike typical light bulbs, a soaked neon sign is unlikely to suffer long-term damage – it won’t even sizzle. The reason for this is simple: the vacuum tube which houses the electrical gas emits UV light and is surrounded by clear glass or quartz. The quartz sheathing prevents water from coming into contact with the electrode, so no sparking or short-circuiting will occur if it’s met with liquid. In other words, don’t be too hesitant about placing your beloved The World Is Yours Neon Sign on that humid summer patio – it can totally handle it!

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